Iacobucci Tuxedo Rentals


Suit Rental FAQs

A:The type of suit you should rent depends on the occasion. For formal occasions such as a wedding, a tuxedo or dinner jacket is usually the best option. For more casual occasions such as a job interview, a dark-colored suit or blazer is usually best.

A:The cost of renting a suit depends on the type of suit, the size, and the rental duration. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $185 to $200 for the rental of a suit.

A:It is recommended that you make a reservation for a suit rental in advance to ensure that the suit is available when you need it.

A:The length of time you can rent a suit depends, but typically you can rent a suit for up to a week.

A:Generally, a suit rental includes the suit itself, shirt, tie, and cufflinks.

A:The process of renting a suit usually involves selecting the style and size, completing any necessary paperwork, and paying the rental fee.

A:The cancellation policy for suit rentals varies depending on the rental company. Be sure to check the cancellation policy prior to booking your rental.

A:No, our hope is that you return the suit in the condition it was rented to you – except for the wrinkles 😊

Black Tie Events FAQs

A: Black tie attire for men typically consists of a tuxedo, a formal white dress shirt, a black bow tie, a cummerbund or waistcoat, and black formal shoes.

A: Traditionally, black tie attire for men calls for a black tuxedo. However, it is becoming more common to see men wearing tuxedos in shades of navy or charcoal gray. If you do opt for a colored tuxedo, be sure to stick with a dark, neutral hue.

A: It is generally expected that men will wear a formal white dress shirt with a tuxedo at a black tie event. If you do not have a traditional white shirt, you may get away with wearing a solid-colored dress shirt in a dark hue, but it is best to stick with the conventional white shirt if possible.

A: While a cummerbund or waistcoat is a traditional black tie accessory, it is not strictly required. Depending on your style and the event’s formality, you can choose to wear one or not.

A: A bow tie is a crucial component of black tie attire for men. If you do not have one, it is generally not acceptable to wear a regular tie in its place.

A: In addition to the items listed above, you may consider wearing a pocket square and a dress watch to complete your black tie look.

A: It is generally acceptable to wear a beard or well-groomed facial hair to a black tie event. However, if you choose to wear facial hair, keep it well-groomed and tidy.

A: It is usually acceptable to bring a date to a black-tie event, but it is essential to check the invitation or with the host to confirm.

Prom FAQs

A: We carry a wide range of sizes from boys’ sizes to adult sizes to ensure a perfect fit for all of our customers.

A: We recommend placing your order at least 2-4 weeks before your event to ensure availability and to allow time for any necessary alterations.

A: Yes, changes and cancellations can be made up to 48 hours before your scheduled pickup.

A: Alterations may incur additional fees, and last-minute rentals may be subject to a rush fee.

A: Yes, we offer rentals for single days as well as multiple day rentals.

A: Most accessories, such as a tie, pocket square, and cummerbund, are included with the rental. However, certain accessories may need to be rented separately.

A: Tuxedos should be returned on the date specified on your rental agreement. You can return it in-store to one of our locations.

A: Any damages or lost items will be charged to the customer at the cost to replace the item.

Formal Wear Accessories FAQs

A: We offer a wide variety of formal wear accessories including ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds, suspenders, and cufflinks.

A: We carry a variety of different brands and designers, so please let us know if you have a specific preference and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

A: The accessories are included in the price of the rental.

A: Yes, we do offer the option to purchase any of our accessories.

A: We have a wide variety of colors and patterns available, so you can find the perfect accessory to match your formal wear.

A: Yes, you can make an appointment to come in and view our selection in person.

A: Our staff can assist you in finding the perfect fit for your accessory. If you are unsure about the size, we can provide you with the measurement guide.

A: Yes, all of our accessories are cleaned and pressed before each rental to ensure that they are in the best condition for your event.

Wedding Rental FAQs

A: The appropriate dress code for a wedding depends on the event’s formality and location. A suit or dress pants and a button-down shirt are generally sufficient for a casual wedding. For a formal wedding, a tuxedo or formal suit is usually expected. A suit, tie, or a nice outfit is appropriate for a semi-formal wedding.

A: Yes, a tuxedo is a formal and appropriate choice for a wedding.

A: Yes, a suit is a suitable and appropriate choice for a wedding.

A: It is generally best to avoid wearing a black tuxedo or suit to a wedding, as it is considered too formal for most weddings. Instead, opt for a navy, gray, charcoal suit or tuxedo.

A: It is generally only appropriate to wear a casual outfit to a wedding if it is designated as an everyday event. It is generally best to err on dressing more formally for a wedding.

A: Whether you should wear a tie or bow tie to a wedding depends on the formality of the event and the style of your suit or tuxedo. A tie is generally more appropriate for a formal wedding, while a bow tie is more suitable for a semi-formal or black tie event.

A: Yes, a three-piece suit can be stylish and appropriate for a wedding. Just be sure to choose a suit suitable color and fabric for the event’s formality.

A: The type of shoes you should wear to a wedding depends on the event’s formality and your outfit. For a formal wedding, opt for dress shoes such as oxfords or loafers. For a semi-formal or black tie event, you can wear slightly more casual shoes, such as a monk strap or Derby.