A:The type of suit you should rent depends on the occasion. For formal occasions such as a wedding, a tuxedo or dinner jacket is usually the best option. For more casual occasions such as a job interview, a dark-colored suit or blazer is usually best.

A:The cost of renting a suit depends on the type of suit, the size, and the rental duration. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $185 to $200 for the rental of a suit.

A:It is recommended that you make a reservation for a suit rental in advance to ensure that the suit is available when you need it.

A:The length of time you can rent a suit depends, but typically you can rent a suit for up to a week.

A:Generally, a suit rental includes the suit itself, shirt, tie, and cufflinks.

A:The process of renting a suit usually involves selecting the style and size, completing any necessary paperwork, and paying the rental fee.

A:The cancellation policy for suit rentals varies depending on the rental company. Be sure to check the cancellation policy prior to booking your rental.

A:No, our hope is that you return the suit in the condition it was rented to you – except for the wrinkles 😊